Girls U-12

100% record maintained in final triumph

Meath Ladies U-12 Division 2 Cup Final

Seneschalstown 6-7 Trim 0-4

Seneschalstown deservedly claimed the Meath LGFA u12 Div. 2 championship with an outstanding performance in Dunganny on Tuesday evening.

Scintillating girls march into final

Meath Ladies U-12 Division 2 Championship semi-final

Seneschalstown 3-08 Wolfe Tones 1-00

Seneschalstown qualified for the U-12 Div. 2 Cup final with a well-deserved victory over Wolfe Tones in sunny Fr. Tully Park on Wed evening.

100% winning run maintained

Meath Ladies U-12 Division 2 Championship Round 7

Seneschalstown 1-10 Ballivor 1-02

Seneschalstown completed the group stages of the U-12 Division 2 Championship with a 100% record after defeating Ballivor in damp conditions in Fr. Tully Park on Tuesday evening.

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