All County Football League Division 1 2015 Fixtures

The following are the round by round fixtures for the All County Football League Division 1. First up is a home game against Blackhall Gaels on Sunday February 1st at 11:30.

All County Football A League Division 1

Home Team Away Team Round Venue

Na Fianna Summerhill Round 1 Enfield
Simonstown Donaghmore/Ashbourne Round 1 Simonstown
Wolfe Tones St Peter's, Dunboyne Round 1 Kilberry
Seneschalstown Blackhall Gaels Round 1 Seneschalstown
O'Mahonys Ballinlough Round 1 Navan O'Mahony's
Dunshaughlin Skryne Round 1 Dunshaughlin
St Patrick's Duleek-Bellewstown Round 1 Stamullen

St Peter's, Dunboyne St Patrick's Round 2 Dunboyne
Summerhill Simonstown Round 2 Summerhill
Skryne Na Fianna Round 2 Skryne
Duleek-Bellewstown Seneschalstown Round 2 Duleek
Blackhall Gaels Dunshaughlin Round 2 Batterstown
Donaghmore/Ashbourne O'Mahonys Round 2 Ashbourne
Ballinlough Wolfe Tones Round 2 Ballinlough

Dunshaughlin Duleek-Bellewstown Round 3 Dunshaughlin
St Patrick's Ballinlough Round 3 Stamullen
Skryne Summerhill Round 3 Skryne
Wolfe Tones Donaghmore/Ashbourne Round 3 Kilberry
O'Mahonys Simonstown Round 3 Navan O'Mahony's
Seneschalstown St Peter's, Dunboyne Round 3 Seneschalstown
Na Fianna Blackhall Gaels Round 3 Enfield

Simonstown Wolfe Tones Round 4 Simonstown
Summerhill O'Mahonys Round 4 Summerhill
Blackhall Gaels Skryne Round 4 Batterstown
Ballinlough Seneschalstown Round 4 Ballinlough
Duleek-Bellewstown Na Fianna Round 4 Duleek
Donaghmore/Ashbourne St Patrick's Round 4 Ashbourne
St Peter's, Dunboyne Dunshaughlin Round 4 Dunboyne

Dunshaughlin Ballinlough Round 5 Dunshaughlin
Wolfe Tones O'Mahonys Round 5 Kilberry
Skryne Duleek-Bellewstown Round 5 Skryne
Na Fianna St Peter's, Dunboyne Round 5 Enfield
St Patrick's Simonstown Round 5 Stamullen
Seneschalstown Donaghmore/Ashbourne Round 5 Seneschalstown
Blackhall Gaels Summerhill Round 5 Batterstown

St Peter's, Dunboyne Skryne Round 6 Dunboyne
Duleek-Bellewstown Blackhall Gaels Round 6 Duleek
Ballinlough Na Fianna Round 6 Ballinlough
Summerhill Wolfe Tones Round 6 Summerhill
O'Mahonys St Patrick's Round 6 Navan O'Mahony's
Simonstown Seneschalstown Round 6 Simonstown
Donaghmore/Ashbourne Dunshaughlin Round 6 Ashbourne

Blackhall Gaels St Peter's, Dunboyne Round 7 Batterstown
Skryne Ballinlough Round 7 Skryne
St Patrick's Wolfe Tones Round 7 Stamullen
Dunshaughlin Simonstown Round 7 Dunshaughlin
Na Fianna Donaghmore/Ashbourne Round 7 Enfield
Duleek-Bellewstown Summerhill Round 7 Duleek
Seneschalstown O'Mahonys Round 7 Seneschalstown

Donaghmore/Ashbourne Skryne Round 8 Ashbourne
Wolfe Tones Seneschalstown Round 8 Kilberry
Simonstown Na Fianna Round 8 Simonstown
Summerhill St Patrick's Round 8 Summerhill
Ballinlough Blackhall Gaels Round 8 Ballinlough
St Peter's, Dunboyne Duleek-Bellewstown Round 8 Dunboyne
O'Mahonys Dunshaughlin Round 8 Navan O'Mahony's

Skryne Simonstown Round 9 Skryne
Duleek-Bellewstown Ballinlough Round 9 Duleek
Dunshaughlin Wolfe Tones Round 9 Dunshaughlin
Seneschalstown St Patrick's Round 9 Seneschalstown
St Peter's, Dunboyne Summerhill Round 9 Dunboyne
Na Fianna O'Mahonys Round 9 Enfield
Blackhall Gaels Donaghmore/Ashbourne Round 9 Batterstown

O'Mahonys Skryne Round 10 Navan O'Mahony's
St Patrick's Dunshaughlin Round 10 Stamullen
Donaghmore/Ashbourne Duleek-Bellewstown Round 10 Ashbourne
Simonstown Blackhall Gaels Round 10 Simonstown
Wolfe Tones Na Fianna Round 10 Kilberry
Summerhill Seneschalstown Round 10 Summerhill
Ballinlough St Peter's, Dunboyne Round 10 Ballinlough

Na Fianna St Patrick's Round 11 Enfield
Duleek-Bellewstown Simonstown Round 11 Duleek
Dunshaughlin Seneschalstown Round 11 Dunshaughlin
St Peter's, Dunboyne Donaghmore/Ashbourne Round 11 Dunboyne
Ballinlough Summerhill Round 11 Ballinlough
Blackhall Gaels O'Mahonys Round 11 Batterstown
Skryne Wolfe Tones Round 11 Skryne

St Patrick's Skryne Round 12 Stamullen
Summerhill Dunshaughlin Round 12 Summerhill
O'Mahonys Duleek-Bellewstown Round 12 Navan O'Mahony's
Donaghmore/Ashbourne Ballinlough Round 12 Ashbourne
Wolfe Tones Blackhall Gaels Round 12 Kilberry
Simonstown St Peter's, Dunboyne Round 12 Simonstown
Seneschalstown Na Fianna Round 12 Seneschalstown

Skryne Seneschalstown Round 13 Skryne
Donaghmore/Ashbourne Summerhill Round 13 Ashbourne
St Peter's, Dunboyne O'Mahonys Round 13 Dunboyne
Blackhall Gaels St Patrick's Round 13 Batterstown
Duleek-Bellewstown Wolfe Tones Round 13 Duleek
Na Fianna Dunshaughlin Round 13 Enfield
Ballinlough Simonstown Round 13 Ballinlough

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