O'Mahonys downed by terrific thirteens

Meath Ladies U-13 League Division 1 Round 4,

Seneschalstown 4-08 Navan O’Mahonys 2-05

On a bright Saturday afternoon in Paddy O’Brien Park O’Mahonys came out all guns blazing scoring a goal and two points in quick succession before Nicola Mongey opened the scoring for Seneschalstown with a point. Things were not looking too great for Seneschalstown as the home side stretched their lead with a further goal.

However, nothing seems to phase this group of girls and instead of letting their heads drop, they suddenly seemed to spark into life, with the midfield pairing of Robyn Murray and Zoe Kirwan getting into their stride and linking up well with Charlie Murray, Tara Traynor and Anna Wogan, together with staunch defensive work from Ella Kilfeather, Zoe Ryan and Megan Clarke who were all battling hard and the superb tackling that we’ve come to expect from half back Sadhbh McLarney.

Seneschalstown dug deep and launched attack after attack which resulted in a point and a goal from Nicola Mongey, a point from Anna Wogan and a point and a goal from Claire Finnegan. During this spell of play O’Mahonys could only respond with two points from frees, leaving the half time score at 2-04 to 2-04 and the math delicately poised.

Seneschalstown, now having found their form and with the ever reliable full back Caoimhe Dunne battening down the hatches and thwarting any potential attacks, ably assisted by Aoibhe Fitzsimons in goal who pulled off a couple of crucial saves, Seneschalstown took the lead with a point from Robyn Murray. following a foul on Nicola Mongey in the square which resulted in a penalty, Robyn Murray made no mistake as she fired the ball past the goalie into the top right hand corner.

Seneschalstown now had real belief and worked the ball well through the hands managing to score another three points, one each from Robyn Murray, Anna Wogan and Abby Hewitt who was introduced to great effect at half time. Substitute Lauren McGuirk battled hard when introduced into corner forward and O’Mahonys now found themselves under severe pressure in every corner of the field, with an excellent Seneschalstown defence limiting them to a single point in the half. The victory was sealed for Seneschalstown with a final goal from Zoe Kirwan.

This was a well-deserved victory and as always from these girls a true team performance.

Seneschalstown: Aoibhe Fitzsimons, Zoe Ryan, Caoimhe Dunne, Ella Kilfeather, Sadhbh McLarney, Megan Clarke, Amy Kennedy, Zoe Kirwan (1-00), Robyn Murray (1-02), Charlie Murray, Anna Wogan (0-02), Tara Traynor, Claire Finnegan (1-01), Nicola Mongey (1-02), Niamh Treanor.

Seneschalstown Substitutions: Abby Hewitt (0-01) for Niamh Treanor, Meadhbh Hickey for Amy Kennedy, Katie McDonnell for Zoe Ryan, Lauren McGuirk for Claire Finnegan

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