Raining goals in Navan

Meath Ladies U-14 Division 1 Championship Round 4

Seneschalstown 10 – 10 to O’Mahonys 10 – 05

A sunny Wednesday evening in O’Mahonys saw the Seneschalstown U14 girls take to the field in round 4 of the Division 1 Spring League against the town side.

Seneschalstown opened the scoring in the first few seconds of play, Zoe Kirwan after winning the throw in found Tara Traynor and then Robyn Murray who slotted the ball over the bar. Niamh Treanor made no mistake as she kicked over the second point. O’Mahonys then scored their first point of the match. Not to be outdone, Zoe Kirwan found Tara Traynor who struck a fine goal. The Seneschalstown girls were off to a flying start. O’Mahonys went on the attack finding the back of the net at the opposite end of the field. This was to set the tone for things to come with alternating attacks between the 2 sides, creating a rather exciting spectacle. Points then followed from Zoe Kirwan and Anna Wogan, keeping the score board ticking over for the visiting side.

Despite Ally Clarke making a super save, O’Mahonys managed to get the rebound, again finding the back of the net. With only 10 minutes of the game played, Ella Kilfeather had to leave the field after injuring her ankle and Maedbh Hickey was introduced into the fray. Abbey Hewitt was next to find the back of the net for Seneschalstown but the home side responded immediately with a goal of their own. Anna Wogan then kicked the ball between the posts for a point and after winning possession from the kick out, Nicola Mongey saw her effort find the back of the net. Anna Wogan pointed again and after a fine pass from Nicola Mongey, Anna Wogan found the back of the net with her next shot.

The Seneschalstown girls seemed to have found the upper hand and were taking control of the game but this was somewhat short lived and after a few defensive errors they allowed the home side to score a further 3 goals of their own before Anna Wogan was able to send the ball into Nicola Mongey who again struck the back of the net. O’Mahonys went on the attack again and slotted over another 2 scores before Zoe Kirwan was able to send a super pass into Anna Wogan who struck a fine point. This was to be the last score of the half with only a point separating the 2 sides, Seneschalstown 5–07 to O’Mahonys 6–03.

The second half started with a slight change to the team as Tiana Kyle who was carrying an injury made way for Molly Keating. As the second half got under way Nicola Mongey struck her third goal of the match, closely followed by a goal from the home side, it was clear that the pattern of the first half was continuing. Niamh Treanor and Anna Wogan scored the next 2 points but again O’Mahonys who seemed to be just aiming for goals struck the back of the net. Megan Clarke covered some ground through the match, tackling well and winning ball, good link up play between Megan, Robyn Murray, Anna Wogan, Zoe Kirwan and Tara Traynor saw Anna Wogan score yet another goal. O’Mahonys struck back with a fine point. Abbey Hewitt who was having a super game up front then struck her second goal of the match.

O’Mahonys just wouldn’t give up and after a strong surge through the centre scored yet another goal, Anna Wogan responded with a goal of her own. The home side struck over another point and Wogan after good link up play found the back of the net for her final goal. Tara Traynor then passed a lovely ball across to Zoe Kirwan who pointed. This was to be the last score of what had been an absolutely frantic, exciting and at times nerve wracking match, leaving the full-time score with Seneschalstown 10 – 10 to O’Mahonys 10 – 05.

Seneschalstown: Ally Clarke, Katie McDonnell, Caoimhe Dunne, Tiana Kyle, Sadhbh McLarney, Ella Kilfeather, Charlie Murray, Megan Clarke, Zoe Kirwan (0-02), Tara Traynor (1-00), Anna Wogan (4-05), Robyn Murray (0-01), Abbey Hewitt (2-00), Nicola Mongey (3-00) Niamh Treanor (0-02)

Substitutes: Meadhbh Hickey, Molly Keating, Amy Kennedy, Claire Finnegan, Lauren McGuirk and Anna Nolan.

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