Super victory for U-14 Girls

Meath Ladies U-14 Division 1 Championship

Seneschalstown 6 - 07 to Clann na Gael 1 - 03

It was a wet and windy afternoon in Rathcairn when the Seneschalstown U-14 girls took to the field in their second game of the Division 1 Spring League against Clann na Gael.

Seneschalstown started the stronger of the two sides but despite the greater possession were finding the swirling wind a little tricky to negotiate and saw their first few attempts sail wide of the uprights. Clann na Gael tried to strike back but Ally Clarke was alert to the attack pulling off her first excellent save of the match. Anna Wogan after good work from Claire Finnegan and Niamh Treanor managed to open the scoring with a fine point settling the Seneschalstown girls. Meadhbh Hickey was having a super game in the Seneschalstown defence intercepting any balls coming down her flank, supported ably by Sadhbh McLarney, Caoimhe Dunne and Katie MacDonnell. Megan Clarke who was as ever fighting tirelessly for possession, managed to take command of the loose ball laying off to Anna Wogan who passed into Zoe Kirwan who struck a lovely point between the uprights.

Immediately from the kick out Seneschalstown won the ball and Lauren McGuirk make no mistake in sending the ball straight back over the bar. Great link up play between Tara Traynor, Anna Wogan and Zoe Kirwan through the mid field saw Zoe point again from open play. Zoe then took the free kick finding Anna Wogan who passed into Nicola Mongey who kicked a fine point. Again, from the kick out Seneschalstown won possession and Anna Wogan made no mistake in finding the back of the net. At half time Seneschalstown were leading by 1–05 to Clann na Gael 0–00.

Nicola Mongey opened the scoring in the second half with a lovely goal. The Seneschalstown girls were now playing some great football and the passing through the mid field between Megan Clarke, Anna Wogan, Zoe Kirwan and Tara Traynor was a joy to watch. Anna Nolan enjoying her first game back for Seneschalstown was battling hard to win possession. Lauren McGuirk who was having a super game up front struck a superb goal to the back of the net. Abbey Hewitt who was enjoying a little more space in the second half struck a delightful kick that sailed over the goalie’s head and into the top left hand corner of the net. Clann na Gael set off again but Sadhbh McLarney true to form made a super block slowing down the next attack.

The home side were determined to get off the mark and were rewarded with a point followed shortly after by a goal. On the attack, again Abbey Hewitt found Zoe Kirwan with a lovely pass who pointed. Megan Clarke after battling hard to regain possession of the ball then struck a well-earned goal. Clann na Gael were not giving up without a fight and managed to put the next score over the bar. Amy Kennedy managed to clear the ball off the line for Seneschalstown preventing a goal. It was Clann na Gael who managed to take the next score, but Anna Wogan struck again with another fine goal. The home side tried to respond but with Katie MacDonnell, Molly Keating and Tiana Kyle battling hard and Caoimhe Dunne’s fine reading of the game they were finding it hard to break through the defence. A final attempt at goal saw Ally Clarke pull off another super save, leaving the full-time score reading Seneschalstown 6–07 to Clan Na Gael 1–03.

Seneschalstown: Ally Clarke, Katie McDonnell, Caoimhe Dunne, Amy Kennedy, Sadhbh McLarney, Tara Traynor, Meadhbh Hickey, Megan Clarke (1-00), Zoe Kirwan (0-03), Nicola Mongey (1-02), Anna Wogan (2-01) Claire Finnegan, Abbey Hewitt (1-00), Niamh Treanor, Lauren McGuirk (1-01).

Seneschalstown Substitutes: Tiana Kyle, Anna Nolan and Molly Keating.

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