U-14 Boys pick up impressive win

U-14 Division 2 League Round 2

Seneschalstown 3-08 Donaghmore/Ashbourne 2-05

The U14 team arrived in Ashbourne for their second league game versus Donaghmore Ashbourne. The team was missing some key players and their inspirational leader and muse Gerry McDonnell.

The game is best described as a roller-coaster ride. The first half was when you sit into the rollercoaster get strapped in and start the ascent…. Click, Click, Clicking to the top. A bit boring, nothing happening but there is an air of anticipation and a feeling of what might be. That was the first half 0-3 Seneschalstown and 0-3 Ashbourne. If it was on TV you would have switched over to watch Crufts. But then the rollercoaster reached the top and the ride started… BOOM!

second half and now we are having fun. I don't know what was said in the inner circle at half time, but it worked. Ted, Carrots and Nigel needed to prove to Gerry that the helm of the U14 ship was safe in their hands. The lads had the bit between the teeth and were driving forward at every opportunity. The missed passes and wide shots of the first half were now a distant memory and it was like a brand new team on the pitch. I was in the dugout beside the Ashbourne coaches and I can only describe their faces as; when you go to the fridge to get milk for the tea and someone left the empty carton.

The final score was Seneschalstown 03:08 Ashbourne 02:05 winning by 6 points and that's 2 from 2.

The team was: 1: Cathal “Thou shall not pass” Darby 2: Eamonn “the sidewinder” Finnegan 3: Zach “the magician” Sheridan 4: Cormac “I got this” Carolan 5: Dylan “On fire” Geraghty 6: Tom “bring it on” McDonnell 7: Ryan “feet of fury” Finnegan 7: Darragh “the heat seeking missile” Cantwell 8: Donal “Boom that just happened” Commons 9: Owen “the nuclear” Mullins” 10: Jack “ the powerhouse” Frayne 11: Seimi “the speedster” Byrne 12: Oisin “the bomb” McEvoy 13: Aaron “Chaos creator” Coogan 14: Jack “golden boots” Kearns 15: David “The blocker” Johnson 16: Barry “The tackler Redmond.

Match report via Niall Sheridan.

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