U-16 FL Clan na Gael prove too strong in end to win by 5 points

U-16 FL Div2

Tues 15th Apr Clan na Gael 0-13 Seneschalstown 1-5

H.T. Clan na Gael (0-6), Seneschalstown (0-2).

A second half penalty from Sean Finlay which drew the sides level (0-8) to (1-5) with ten minutes remaining failed to lift Seneschalstown. Clan na Gael finished strongly and scored five unanswered points.

Seneschalstown team: C. Flynn, L. Tully, C.Noonan, T.Duggan, D.Seepersad, T.Cummins, A.Gargan, T. Kiernan, N. Groome (0-1), S. Finlay (1-0), G. McHendry, R. Walsh, C. Lynch, J. Conlon (0-4), D. Finnegan.

Subs: W. Mullen for D. Finnegan, K. Corcoran for C. Lynch, J. Darby for L. Tully

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U-16 FL Div 2

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