The policy of Seneschalstown GFC, as confirmed by the Club Executive, and in accordance with GAA directive, is that all children play and train with their own age group in football, irrespective of ability or the numbers at that age group.
Fundamentally, we are obliged by nationally adopted and monitored GAA Guidelines to implement this policy.

This policy, ensures that all children get the most age-appropriate training, and is the fairest way to ensure that every child gets the maximum amount of play in the Go Games fixtures, and then as they develop through competitive football (U13 upwards).
In principle, this leads to greater participation, player retention, and enjoyment for the children.

We believe that parents, coaches and the Club will appreciate that it is unfair on players who could potentially miss out on game time to a player who is younger than they are, but in addition they could miss out on direct coaching time if there are children who are eligible for a younger team, training outside of their age group.
So long as players, participate in training and games within their age grade/team, they are permitted to play with the team one grade above, on occasions when there is no time clash with their ‘primary’ time.

The Juvenile Committee are requesting Managers to confirm that all players in your training group are playing at the correct age, and that only players of that age play in the respective ‘Go Games’ and competitive ‘League/Championship Games’. If children are in the wrong age group, they need to be informed of the need to move to the correct group.

Example: A Child born on/after 1st of Jan 2012 – should play for u9s, in 2021. If there was no u9 Team that child is eligible to play u10s.

Seneschalstown GFC Executive Committee

By gordonmcguirk Tue 13th Apr